Our engineering services are tailored to our clients' needs. Our broad suite of services includes consultancy and troubleshooting, on-site and online training, and development of bespoke test equipment. Going beyond traditional remote assistance, we have access to specialised equipment for on-site technical support and work with tour suppliers dedicated engineering support teams if required. Do get in touch and we will get back to you quickly.

Consultancy & On-Site Support

Helping clients select the right product is just the start. We aim to make sure that clients get the most from the products they purchase from us and we therefore provide a range of on On-Site Support and consultancy services to make sure this is achieved. So whether you need a helping hand getting to grips with your new PCIe protocol analyser, or need assistance investigating an isssue, we can tailor a support activity to meet your needs.

We have years of experience working with the full range of Teledyne LeCroy protocol analysers and have trained hundreds of clients in their use. No one likes to read the manual and we are here so you don't have to!  

For JTAG boundary scan, XJTAG has a large client base in the UK and we have helped many engineering teams get going with the tools quickly and easily, whether that's with technical demonstrations, training webinars or tailored on-site events.

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Test Services

Collaborating with the Teledyne LeCroy Austin Labs team, who have industry leading third-party testing facilities, we help our customers overcome testing challenges in their products including Data Integrity, Performance Analysis, Protocol Analysis and compliance, Error Injection, Signal Integrity, Electrical Compliance, Interoperability, Technical Consulting, Design and Feasibility.

With state-of-the-art test facilities located around the world and industry expertise Austin Labs takes advantage of the wide array of Teledyne LeCroy tools for validation testing of products from server/storage to client systems with expertise in PCIe, NVMe, CXL, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, USB, Thunderbolt, Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI, DisplayPort, MiPi C/D-Phy, MiPi M-Phy. Austin Labs provide customized testing services for many markets including:

  • Server/Client/Compute
  • Chipset Solutions
  • Storage/Networking
  • Automotive/Infotainment/Connected Car/Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Medical/Bluetooth Connectivity
  • IOT (Internet of Things)/Smart Home Technologies

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With our partner Teledyne LeCroy we are able to offer an extensive range of Training and Test Services across a wide range of protocols, applications and industries.

We offer a full line of advanced protocol training classes. All classes are instructor led and guide students through the protocol specifications while using hands on labs with trace analysis to help students discover how the protocol is implemented. To create a reliable product, the user must first understand the technology and know how to use the tools needed to develop, test and debug the relevant host or peripheral specification.  Here is a small sample of the classes currently available:

In-Depth PCIe® 6.0 | NVMe™ over PCIe® | PCIe® Architecture and Functionality | In-Depth CXL 2.0 | USB4 Protocol | Intro to USB - 1.0 through 3.2 | SAS 4.0 Protocol | Fibre Channel Protocol | Fibre Channel over Ethernet

On the JTAG side - for clients who are new to boundary scan or who need bespoke training in specific aspects of how to use the tools, we offer on-site and online training in collaboration with the XJTAG team. 

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Test System Development

Our test system development services are based around XJTAG boundary scan equipment and J-Testr functional test systems. Clients outsouce this type of work for a variety of reasons, and especially when mechanical fixtures are required -  saving significant time and cost compared to in-house development.

We have the experience and knowledge to work with you and deliver the test systems you need. As a first step we analyse your designs, discuss the test spec and provide approximate costs and options without any committment from you.

For boundary scan - although most of our XJTAG clients have a full development system, they may choose to outsource board test development or require more specialist integrations or high speed programming.  We will gladly advise on this both for new projects and existing hardware.

For functional testing, we offer a full turnkey service for the mechanics, hardware and software - with boards connected via bed-of-nails, manual plug or a combination. If the target boards have boundary scan then XJTAG may be integrated too. Comms modules, low-noise analogue, high voltage I/O, actuators, RF testing and other equipment can be incorprated as required. Full power control, monitoring, sequencing, electronic load and fast PSU shut-down means the system is ideal for complex and high-value boards. 

Clients use our test development services in a whole range  of applications, with the test equipment then deployed worldwide. On the operational side, you may want to integrate a test data management system such as WATS to provide you with visibility and control as your production volumes increase.

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