Collect and visualize your test & repair data with WATS

WATS is a test and manufacturing data analysis platform that helps you gain new insights from your manufacturing data. By integrating any test and repair station to WATS you can quickly identify production yield issues, frequent test or product failures, poor test coverage or other performance problems - in real-time, directly through your web browser or mobile device. Integrations with NI TestStand, ATEasy, XJTAG, LabVIEW, Python, and many other systems.


WATS is easy to use, fast to setup and yet is a very powerful and cost-effective system. Dashboards provide a live overview, while production heatmaps show problems are arising, while highlighting previously hidden data such as when boards go through multiple re-tests. The phone app provides mobile live dashboards – and also, scan a board barcode with your phone to get that full board history. Contact us for a technical demo (can be as short as 30 minutes) or a full evalaution.

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