Teledyne LeCroy wired & wireless protocol analyzer & exerciser products for analysis, verification & compliance testing for ICs, devices & systems 

A protocol analyzer is an essential tool for any engineer working with the complex serial protocols trying to diagnose problems and testing for interoperability and standards compliance.  Due to the fact that a protocol analyzer is observing the link between the transceivers of the communicating devices it gives an unfiltered view. This provides engineers with the ability to analyse all interactions over the link, from the raw bitstream up through every layer of the protocol stack.  So whether it is a hardware, firmware of software application issue a protocol analyzer can save weeks, if not months, of time in identifying the root cause of an issue and confirming a fix has worked.

Teledyne LeCroy has been developing analyzers for a wide range of serial protocols since 1995 and is deeply involved with the standards and compliance activities required for industry to successfully deploy these protocols.  Telexsus has been working with Teledyne LeCroy protocol products for over a decade and we can help you select the right analyzer for your requirements. Select the protocol of interest from below to find out more about the relevant analyzers and compliance tools available and contact us with your questions. 

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