J-Testr: advanced functional test systems for electronics production

The J-Testr is a highly configurable, compact functional test unit that provides a complete power, measurement and stimulation environment for advanced testing of assembled PCBs. Aimed at mil / aero, industrial control, medical, telecoms and consumer electronics applications where a high level of test is required. Connections to the boards can be via bed of nails, direct plug or both - while exchangable units allow for multiple target boards to be tested in the same base system.

Increasingly we find that companies are looking to outsource test system development - doing this in-house can be a distraction from core product development and a major false economy. We therefore provide a full turnkey service for the mechanics, hardware, software and commissioning of your test system with full 3D modelling. Whether your test spec is a simple document or a full Product Acceptance Specification we will gladly discuss your requirements and provide ROM costs.



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