Massive Visibility into FPGAs at Operating Speed

Whether you  use FPGAs in your product, or for prototyping IP, the ability to capture live data from the complex designs running in these devices is essential for validating correct operation and performance.  Exostiv Labs' products remove the limitations of traditional FPGA analysis tools to provide engineers with massive capture capability at real-time operating speeds. 

Capture & Store

Capture Terabytes at 800 MHz for test and analysis. Exostiv Blade can be scaled to meet the bandwidth and data storage requirements of even the most challenging FPGA designs. Unlike traditional embedded instruments, capture traces are not stored inside the FPGA memory but are streamed to a large external memory, preserving precious FPGA memory resources.  Exostiv Blade’s flexible IP structure minimises FPGA resource overhead while providing real-time capture at system operating speeds. Full integration with AMD's Vivado tools allows engineers to use Exostiv Blade IP in an automated RTL flow or through dynamic Net List interaction.


Exostiv Blade manages data captured from the target design and the storing of that data in memory. With potentially Terabytes of data to analyse Exostiv Labs have developed MYRIAD, the industry’s first waveform viewer capable of handling data captures of this size. The captures can also be exported in a range of formats for analysis by third party software. Whether carrying out root cause analysis of a bug, measuring performance or providing data for other computational analysis, the vast data sets captured by Exostiv Blade makes these tasks possible. Do get in touch to arrange a free demo or evaluation.

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