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In-Depth USB4™ Protocol Architecture and Functionality

In-Depth USB4™ Protocol Architecture and Functionality

15 February 2022



Investigate the inner workings of the USB4 protocol, a widely available interface for expansion of storage, Display and interface devices available in the market.

Get concrete, detailed answers to your questions, such as:

•  What is new with the USB4 Protocol?

•  How has the  Topology changed?

•  How are Routers Enumerated and configured?

•  How is QOS and Flow control implemented in USB4?

•  How does USB4 handle Tunneling and what protocols can be Tunneled?


4 Day online course outline:

  • Overview
  • Components & Terminology
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Architecture
  • Power Delivery
  • Link Initialization
  • Configuration
  • Tunneling

Course brochure: USB4™ protocol architecture and functionality


Date:          15th to the 18th February

Time:         9:00am to 4:30pm

Location:  Online

Cost:         £1950 per person

           Please follow the link above to book / purchase online, or generate a quote.

Note:  If you wish to interactively follow the USB trace examples in the course you will need to install the Teledyne LeCroy USB Protocol Analysis software on your PC/Laptop.  Don't worry if this is not possible as all trace examples used are stepped through by the instructor.  The software is free to download from: USB Protocol Analysis Software



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