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About us
About us


About us

Telexsus is a leading provider of hardware and software tools. We work with companies across the design and engineering sector to help them develop products more quickly, and manage their systems more effectively.

Our clients range from startups through to multinationals. Typical industries include telecommunications, embedded systems, networking, semiconductor design, military and aerospace, and electronics manufacturing. We assist engineers designing complex hardware and systems, from initial concept through to volume manufacture.

Our key products are XJTAG boundary-scan tools, Teledyne LeCroy protocol analysers, J-Testr functional test systems, Marvin Test Solutions PXI-based test systems and EXOSTIV real time FPGA debug. This equipment, combined with specialist knowledge of system design, development, debug and fault prediction methods can significantly reduce development time and manufacturing cost.

We will gladly provide evaluations, technical support and advice to engineers and management teams to ensure they will get the tools they require, both before and after any purchases. We have been working with many of our customers for several years, and have over 30 years of experience in the electronics and manufacturing industries.

Contact Details:

Email:  Contact us
Tel:      +44 (0) 1628 440004
Office:  Telexsus Ltd, Building 14, High Heavens Wood, Marlow, SL7 3QQ, UK


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