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XJTAG Boundary Scan Test

XJTAG provides a full range of JTAG boundary scan test, programming and hardware development and debugging tools. The software components are designed for different stages of the product lifecyle. Different software licenses are available, or, together make up a full Development System. Software includes:

  • XJDeveloper - the graphical application to generate tests for boards and systems
  • XJAnalyser - visual analysis and debugging for devices in the JTAG chain
  • XJRunner - specialised run-time environment for executing tests in production
  • XJInvestigator - diagnose faults in production, combining XJAnalyser & XJRunner
  • XJAPI - a DLL API designed to give you low-level access to the JTAG chain

The hardware can be used stand-alone, for development work, or integrated with other test equipment. Hardware options include:

  • XJLink2 - USB to JTAG adapter with additional test capabilities. The most popular hardware option.
  • XJQuad - 4-port version of XJLink2 for volume manufacture testing.
  • Expert ADF-2 - JTAG test combined with digital oscilloscope to provide advanced digital features.
  • PXI module - run XJTAG from a PXI rack instead of USB.

In addition, expansion units are available:

  • XJIO Boards - expansion units to improve test coverage on the target boards