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Enhanced USB 2.0 to JTAG adapter. Up to 4 TAPs, configurable voltage, frequency & voltage measurement and GPIOs on pins.

The XJLink2 is a portable USB hardware device that provide a high speed interface to the JTAG chain on a circuit board.

The small, lightweight design means the XJLink2 can easily be moved to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Advanced features, like the programmable JTAG signal pin position, switchable power supply and auto signal skew, make it easy to connect to a wide range of circuit boards. Simple to install and use due to the USB plug-and-play ability.

Key Benefits

  • Small, lightweight, portable design: ideal for lab and field work.
  • Self-contained licence allowing you to use the XJTAG system on multiple machines.
  • Re-configurable unit for different UUTs reducing costs.

Further information

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