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XJTAG XJInvestigator

XJTAG XJInvestigator

Investigate the causes of test failure on failing boards - increase yields and reduce debug time in production environments with the intuitive, user-friendly interface.

XJInvestigator allows you to diagnose manufacturing problems on failing boards. Combining the test capabilities of XJRunner and XJAnalyser with additional diagnostic functionality, XJInvestigator is the boundary scan tool to use at your repair/rework station.


  • Repair-focussed environment for XJDeveloper / XJRunner tests.
  • Full Connection Test.
  • RAM, Flash and other non-JTAG device tests, as setu pin XJDeveloper.
  • Flash, FPGA, CPLD and EEPROM programming.
  • Schematic and Layout viewer included if linked into the project.
  • Direct control of the pins/balls of JTAG devices
  • Trace signals to identify shorts, opens and other faults.

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