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Advisor T3

Advisor T3

Teledyne LeCroy’s Advisor T3 is an ultra portable SuperSpeed USB analyzer that delivers market leading accuracy at an extraordinary price. Designed to put precision USB protocol test tools in the hands of every engineer, the Advisor includes all the essential features for SuperSpeed USB debug.

The Advisor T3 is based on Teledyne LeCroy's Voyager analyzer platform with its fast signal-lock and uncompromised 5Gbps recording accuracy. Designed to sit in-line between host and device, the Advisor provides loss-less capture of USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 traffic. Every event is time-stamped including logical state changes and LFPS signals. With its intelligent termination detect mode, the Advisor seamlessly captures in-band reset and hot-plug behaviors between devices.

Hardware Triggering

Hardware-based event triggering is essential for pinpointing protocol events when operating at 5Gbps signaling speed. With the Advisor T3, triggering can be specified at the lowest levels including bus states, ordered sets (U0, SKP, etc…), packet types, or header fields (End of Burst, Packets Pending, etc…). The Advisor analyzer can also filter unwanted traffic from the buffer in real-time by discarding redundant patterns such as SKPs, idles, and training sequences.

Compact and Convenient

The Advisor's unique small form-factor fits within any briefcase yet boasts 2GB of recording memory. The system also offers spool-to-disk capture, making it well suited for testing software drivers or analyzing system performance. Like all Teledyne LeCroy analyzers, the Advisor features field upgradeable firmware allowing the system to evolve with the specifications.

6th Generation Analysis Software

The Advisor T3 provides many of the same features as the Voyager system including the legendary CATC Trace which has become the industry's de facto standard for USB 2.0 protocol analysis. This intuitive hierarchical display can be expanded to show packet level events or collapsed to show complete transfers. A comprehensive tool set is included allowing traffic to be individually searched, grouped, or filtered from the trace.

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