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EXOSTIV IP uses the MGTs (Multi-Gigabit Transceivers) to flow captured data out of the FPGA to an external memory. EXOSTIV IP supports repeating captures of up to 32.768 internal nodes simultaneously at the FPGA’s speed of operation (16 data sets x 2.048 bits*).

EXOSTIV IP provides dynamic multiplexer controls to capture even more data sets without the need to recompile. Dynamic ON/OFF controls of data sets let you select the data set and preserve the MGT’s bandwidth for when deeper captures of a reduced set of data is required.

Unlike traditional embedded instruments, the whole debug trace must not be stored inside the FPGA memory. EXOSTIV’s flexible IP structure lets you reach FPGA nodes during long operating times while preserving the memory resources.



EXOSTIV Probe provides up to 8 Gigabyte memory to receive and store data captured from the FPGA. This USB 3.0 Super Speed device establishes the communication channel between the EXOSTIV Application and the IP. EXOSTIV Probe provides multiple physical connection types with the target board that holds the FPGA under test. From 1 to 4 Gigabit Transceivers (up to 6.6 Gbps each) can be used over either SFP/SFP+ or HDMI connectors and cables.

EXOSTIV Probe implements a large & high-throughput memory storage located outside the target FPGA. This capability is key to enabling FPGA debugging scenarios that provide up to 200,000 times more observability than approaches that use the FPGA internal memory only.



EXOSTIV Application configures the IP and calls FPGA vendors synthesis tools for RTL-level or post-synthesis insertion.

During the FPGA debugging session, EXOSTIV Application manages the IP triggers, data filters and data sets configuration and receives the captured data from EXOSTIV Probe.

EXOSTIV Application includes MYRIAD, the industry’s first waveform viewer capable of handling terabytes of waveform data.

EXOSTIV Application provides the essential controls and tools to speed up debugging session on FPGA in operation. The included MYRIAD waveform viewer provides the key capability to process and visualize very large waveform databases.


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