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Highly compact ‘all-in-one’ JTAG  / Ethernet controlled modular functional test system.

The J-Testr is a highly configurable, compact functional test unit that provides a complete power, thermal and stimulation environment to the users’ Unit Under Test (UUT). The system can be setup and entirely controlled by JTAG, for example using XJTAG; or, driven by Ethernet (e.g. with ATEasy test software or Python); or both, e.g. drive with JTAG and monitor over Ethernet.

The built in load testing (up to 80W), timer card (75Mhz frequencies and pulses to 5ns resolution response), power supply (programmable ramping, monitoring, low noise, sequencing), analogue (16 bit, DAC / ADC, programmable external mux), digital I/O, communicatons (RS422/485, CAN, ARINC429) plus ability to add bespoke test electronics means that the system can replace much larger, bulkier and more costly test systems while providing a straightforward environment for fast test development.

More specialist measurement of RF power & frequency; optical sensing for LEDs; in-system programming and high-voltage switching provide even more test, manufacturing and programming capabilities. Physical integration with the UUT is achieved with a simple to design interposer card, cabling, or the 'J-Testr+' range of Bed-of-Nails fixtures.



  • Highly configurable and customisable for different UUT types 
  • Fully integrated system power and temperature management
  • Easy reconfiguration in minutes (for re-use on multiple projects)
  • Custom stimulation peripherals possible with 'open hardware' interface circuitry
  • One software environment to control 'UUT' and 'Test Stimulus' all via Ethernet and / or the JTAG bus
  • Easy-to-use and fast software programming
  • Test all cards including non-JTAG UUTs (Universal)
  • Highly compact, portable, and easy to store solution
  • Simple/Low cost personalisation card (Interposer) easily and quickly designed
  • Cable free connections between all stimulation peripherals and UUT (if appropriate)
  • Complete 'All-in-One' Solution

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