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XJTAG/WATS - Getting more from your XJTAG tools

XJTAG/WATS - Getting more from your XJTAG tools

21 September 2020

The tests run by your XJTAG tools are stored in log files which are a powerful source of information to help manage and improve your production test and product quality, WATS can liberate this data.


In this short tutorial we will show you how you can:

  • Receive yield alerts and warnings if your production testing drops below acceptable levels
  • Know your top test step failures
  • Know which test steps have the biggest impact on execution time
  • Perform detailed route cause and trend analysis revealing what is really impacting yield and product reliability
  • Have easy access to all XJTAG log files
  • Open the door to product improvement

All of this and more with ‘out of the box’ integration, no tedious integration process.

Join us for a 30 minute session on how WATS makes all this capability available to you as an XJTAG user.  For many companies the free version of WATS will be all you need!

Session will be run at 11:30am on the 21st and 4:00pm on the 23rd of September.

For a quick overview of the content for this session see the video below.


Date: 21 September 2020

Time: 11:30 - 12:00

Cost: Free

Venue: From the comfort of your workstation


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