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WATS Demonstration Webinar

WATS Demonstration Webinar

1 January 2021

Do you think that you need vast amounts of time and money to implement tools which can provide you with a clear understanding of every aspect of your production, test and repair operations?  In this demonstration we will show you how simple it is to start using WATS and how WATS removes all that labour-intensive data mining and interpretation required for meaningful analytics.  We will give practical examples of how your various data sources can be pulled into WATS and how to create easy to understand dashboards allowing you to perform detailed analysis for yield and other key performance indicators.  We will also explain WATS straight forward pricing model which means there are no hidden costs.


Date: 1 January 2021

Time: 11:30 am - 12:15 am

Cost: Free

Venue: From the comfort of your workstation


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