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USB Analyser Training Day
USB Analyser Training Day





USB analyser training day: how to use your USB analyser and the Protocol Suite software, for new, existing and prospective customers 



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Over the last few years, we have run a number of workshops in conjunction with Teledyne LeCroy, to provide an introduction into the principals and debug of USB devices. This time, we are modifying the format - it will be more hands on, learning to use the equipment, with less "theory" behind the USB protocol itself.

So it's a shorter day, but, with as much practical work!

The day is aimed at:

  • Our existing customers, who own Teledyne LeCroy USB equipment, who would like a refresher
  • Hardware, software and firmware engineers who are learning how to use analysers, perhaps on a new project
  • Prospective customers who would like to get an understanding of how the protocol analysers could assist them in their debug and development work
  • Anyone developing boards / systems with USB 2.0, 3.1 (Gen1 or Gen2), Type-C and Power Delivery who plan to use an analyser in the near future

Attendees will learn about:

  • Setup of the hardware
  • Configuing the analyser appropraitely for your system
  • Simple and advanced triggering and filtering
  • Using the available views and analysis options to interpret the data captured
  • Analysing a protocol trace to understand:
    • Link equalisation
    • Link performance
    • Expose hardware and software operational characteristics
    • How to find the most common issues easily
  • Using protocol analyser and exerciser combination to stress an endpoint
  • Extensively test device operation
  • Using automated validation software to check USB Link and Transaction layer operation
  • How to test a link's behaviour when things that shouldn't happen, do happen.

Venue: Maidenhead, UK

Date: 16th November 2017, 10am - 3pm (approx)

Cost: First two places per company free of charge (including lunch); contact us if you need more places

Bring: Laptop, and your USB analyser and associated equipment if you wish (optional) 

If you would like to attend please fill in the registration form below. If you could let us know any specific areas / topics you would like to cover on the day, please add to the Comments field below.

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