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Intro to USB -1.0 through 3.2: 1 Day - Online

Intro to USB -1.0 through 3.2: 1 Day - Online

22 September 2022


Whether you are new to USB, or looking to refresh your knowledge of the protocol, this one day online training course will get you up to speed, well to 20Gbps anyway!  Developed and delivered by the protocol experts at Teledyne LeCroy this is NOT a regurgitation of the USB spec into PowerPoint, but a practical insight into the architecture and functional ins and outs of this ever popular interface.



Drawing on over 20 years of experience working with high speed serial protocols, in every application imaginable! This course focuses on what you need to know about USB when working with the protocol in your projects.  Using traces to demonstrate the workings of the USB protocol, you will gain an insight into its real world application. You will have the opportunity to interact with these traces in the lab sections of the course, helping you to retain the information presented.

1 Day online course outline:

  • How it started, USB 1.0
  • USB 2.X Architecture and Terminology
  • USB 3.X Architecture and Terminology
  • Examine Motivation and Goals, configuration, Pipes, Transfer types and Initialization

Details on the components of each topic can be found at: Intro to USB -1.0 through 3.2 - One-Day Online

Time:          9:00am to 4:30pm

Location:   Online

Cost:          £850 per person

           Please follow the link above to book / purchase online, or generate a quote.

Note:  If you wish to interactively follow the USB trace examples in the course you will need to install the Teledyne LeCroy USB Protocol Analysis software on your PC/Laptop.  Don't worry if this is not possible as all trace examples used are stepped through by the instructor.  The software is free to download from: USB Protocol Analysis Software



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