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Advanced PCI Express Analysis & Compliance training

Advanced PCI Express Analysis & Compliance training

3 October 2018

A practical introduction to using the advanced features of the Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyser and exerciser tools for analysis and compliance.

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Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express protocol analysers enable engineers to observe the behaviour of the PCI Express Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 bus interfaces implemented in their designs and systems, allowing them to check the PCI Express bus is operating within specification and debug any issues which may arise. However much of this activity is undertaken in a manual fashion and knowledge gained in the debugging of an issue is not captured anywhere other than in the memory of the engineer who tackled the problem.  The Teledyne LeCroy protocol software automatically checks for protocol logical and timing violations but many issues are related to the flow of data over the bus, or higher level protocols carried over PCIe, rather than a malfunction of the bus protocol itself.  A host which is issuing a read command which is frequently receiving a Negative Acknowledged (NAK) response from a device is not in any way violating the PCI Express specification but is very likely to be having a large impact upon performance or the software function waiting for the response.  Identifying issues which are not directly protocol related can be very time consuming and require a considerable knowledge of PCI Express if performed by manually investigating a recorded trace.
Teledyne LeCroy supply two very powerful tools for verifying the operation of the PCI Express bus and automating the trigger conditions and analysis of captured traces. The Verification Script Engine tool, which is included as part of Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express protocol analyser, provides a PCI Express protocol aware environment for the development and running of verification scripts.  The Test Automation Suite tool, which is well know for  providing engineers with an array of PCI SIG approved automated tests, can be used to automate customised device testing when used in conjunction with the Verification script Engine. Using the Test Automation Suite with the Summit Z3 & Z4 exerciser, Test platform and any Summit Protocol Analyser enables engineers to perform full test coverage from the Link Layer through to the Transaction Layer, as specified by the PCI SIG for add-in-cards and system devices, and beyond to the application layer.

Workshop objective:

To enable engineers to:

  • Automate configuration and triggering of the protocol analyser, enabling multiple trigger capture runs to be performed (batch mode).
  • Use existing verification scripts and develop their own to perform automated investigation of traces.  PCI Express Script Automation Test Tool
  • Set-up and run PTC Solution for PCI Express Compliance Testing
  • Develop and run test validation for device and host
  • Clone devices and hosts to the Summit Z3 Exerciser from captured traces, allowing for deterministic testing.
  • Extend the automated test suite to include customised test cases


Attendees will be supplied with examples and training material designed to enable the skills learnt on the day to be put into practice back in the lab.


Who should attend:

Development and Support engineers looking to automate their PCI Express debbugging activities and utilise the PCI Express compliance suite to improve the design robustness.

Location: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Timings: 9am to 4:30pm

Cost: Participation fee is £700 plus VAT

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