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Events & Workshops

Please click through the links below for details of dates, locations and for the booking forms.


PCI Express analyser training day: learn how to use a Teledyne LeCroy PCIe analyser / exerciser and Protocol Suite software.

USB analyser training day: learn how to use a Teledyne LeCroy USB analyser and Protocol Suite software.

Advanced PCI Express Analysis & Compliance training: A practical introduction to using the adavanced features of the Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyser and exerciser tools for analysis and compliance.

Advanced USB Analysis & Compliance Training including Type-C and Power Delivery:  A practical introduction to using the Teledyne LeCroy Verfication Scripting and USB Compliance Suite tools, including Type-C and PD (Power Delivery).

High-end real-time FPGA debug workshop: These tools give engineers unparalleled real-time data capture capability for FPGA designs, providing over 200,000 times more capture depth than other embedded instrument solutions. An essential debug tool for high-end Xilinx and Intel (Altera) FPGA devices.

JTAG Boundary Scan workshop: Dates throughout the year. These popular workshops are designed to provide design, development, test, and production engineers with a practical hands-on introduction to boundary scan.

Functional and power testing of high-value hardware workshop: As hardware becomes more complex, there is a greater requirement to develop comprehensive test systems including the (often neglected) area of thorough power-testing.

25G / 40G / 50G / 100G Ethernet & Storage Area Networks workshop: Designed to meet the growing demand for developing robust high-speed Ethernet systems, this event will focus on techniques for the testing of storage devices and systems.